Professional Photography has been Milton Wordley’s working life.

Early on in his career he worked as a photojournalist on many Newspapers, including the Adelaide News, The Australian, the London Daily Express, the Australian Womens Weekly and the Bulletin.

He is now a corporate advertising photographer.

Milton has been committed to the Photographic Industry for many years.

He was the inaugural national president of the Australian Society of Advertising, Commercial and Magazine Photographers (ACMP) and been involved on many other national committees,

Among these were the old AJA National Freelance committee and the Australian Professional Photography awards. He was the Chairman of the ‘Fuji ACMP Photographers Collection’.

Milton established Southlight Photo Agency in the early 1980’s as a cooperative for freelance photographers.

Over the years many other highly regarded photographers based them selves at Southlight’s purpose built Studio in the heart of Adelaide.

But as the Dylan song goes, ‘The times they are a changin’ , and like everything else, photographers and the photographic industry must move with the times.

Early in 2005 Milton closed down the large studio and now operates Southlight and his photographic business from a nearby smaller office, still in the heart of Adelaide.

That means he continues to live, work and play near the Adelaide Central Market.

For a person with a passion for food and wine, Adelaide’s a great village.

Milton’s work is predominantly project based – he shoots mostly on location