Price Guide

Like all things in life my prices are negotiable. The final price will always depend on the job.

This guide covers.

  1. Commissioned Photography
  2. Non commissioned photography
  3. Image preparation
  4. Licensing and rollovers
  5. Reprint prices

GST is not included.

A – Commissioned Photography.

My work is predominantly project based. Pricing depends on the size and type of the project.

B – Non commissioned images.

These are shot on a related shoot or on spec. The client has no obligation to purchase.

Cost for each image depends on agreed usage.
These images are supplied at a resolution that is suitable for the agreed usage.
They are licensed to the buyer with the following conditions.

The licence to use the image is as outlined in the Tax Invoice.
The licence is non-exclusive.
The image cannot be given away, used by or sold to a third party.
Images are delivered on-line as RGB J-Pegs.
If delivery is on a CD, a $25 + postage and handling fee will be charged.

Screen use $150
Up to A5 repro $250
Up to A4 repro $450
Up to A3 repro $600

C – Image preperation.

All my digital photography is shot in the RAW format.

These files are unusable and need to be converted to either JPEG, TIFF or a PSD, depending on the end use.

  • Image prep (eg low res raw to jpegs for layouts and web use) $120 @ hour
  • Bulk delivery of jpegs suitable for the web (basic adjustment in exposure and colour) – $3 each, min order of 10.
  • Un-retouched basic A6 watermarked jpegs – $15 each
  • Photoshop $130 @ hour
  • High res reproduction quality Raw to RGB tiffs (includes spotting, adjustment of levels/curves and some photoshop) $ 40 to $50 each.
  • CD’s $25 each – DVD $45 each.
  • Couriers at cost + 20%

Digital file RGB proofs

A4 $30
A3 $50

Web gallery set up fee $50 each.
Web gallery upload $30 each. High res upload $10 per 100 meg

D – License rollovers.

License rollovers are based on the origonal professional fee. They do not take into consideration any of the extra expenses associated with the origonal job, such as travel, assistants images prep etc. My rollover fee structure is best explained using an simple example –  a job shot for a Property developer in Adelaide.

The origonal professional fee for the job on a 2 year license is $1,000 + expenses.

At the end of the license I will charge anywhere between 20% to 100 % of the origonal fee for a further 2 years’ usage. This will depend on the required extra usage. However, at the time of commissioning, if the developer decides he want a 4 year license, I would give a discount and charge a 50% loading on the originally quoted professional fee for the same extra useage.

All these rates are negotiable depending on project size, territory (eg local, national or international) and the usage of the images. .

E. Reprint prices

All digital images need to be converted to the correct file type for printing. Prices at the end of this section.

‘Giclee’ or Fine Art Archival prints are special edition prints and certified to have a minimum of 75 year life.

Art papers

A3 $95 A2 $110
A1 $180 A0 $305


A3 $110 A2 $165
A1 $290 A0 $445

Prints up to two metres and larger are possible. Price depends on size. Canvas stretching and framing available.

Display or Exhibition prints.

Gloss or Matt

A3 $75 A2 $95

Larger prints POA.

Photographic prints.

Gloss or Matt finishes on standard photographic paper

7×5″ $25
10×8″ $35
A4 $48

Minimum order $30 + gst – Normal working time 5 days.

Digital conversions to correct digital format.

All digital images need to be converted to the correct file type for printing. Cost is  $10 or $50 per image depending on the type, size and number of conversions being performed.

Image manipulation, PhotoShop and basic design work charged at $125 an hour – minimum fee of $20.

Print sizes –      A4 297×210  – A3 297×420  – A2 420×595 – A1 841×594  – A0 1189×841 – all in mm.

None of the above prices include GST.