Terms & Conditions

Southlght Pty Ltd – trading as Milton Wordley Photography. ABN # 13 084 848 933.

  1. Terms and conditions for using this site.
  2. Terminology used in estimates and invoices.
  3. Copyright and licensing
  4. Terms and conditions for Assignment photography
  5. Storage of digital files.

A. Using  this site.

All images on this site are the copyright of the photographer Milton Wordley. They cannot be downloaded (or copied) and used in any way without the written permission of Milton Wordley. This is a world wide copyright.

B. Estimate and Invoice Terminology.

Photography – includes the professional fee i.e. reci / travel time, shoot and pre or post production.
Post production – includes any expenses i.e. file preparation, Photoshop, proofing, CD/DVD burn etc.
Expenses – include all expenses associated with the job i.e. travel, assistants, plant and equipment hire etc.

C. Copyright and licensing.

Milton Wordley holds the copyright for all his work. The standard licensing arrangement is for two years unless another time is agreed to at the commissioning of the project. If the client is an Agency acting as an agent on behalf of an end user client, It is the Agent’s responsibility to make sure the end user client is aware of the licensing agreement. For an explanation of rollover fees and charges, go to that section under pricing.

D. Business terms and conditions.

  • Progress payments will be invoiced monthly on jobs which span more than one calendar month.
  • All accounts are payable within 30 days of completion of work.
  • Ownership (and any usage) of the photographs mentioned in the job description above does not pass to the client until the account is paid in full.
  • These photographs must not be sold or given away by the client without the permission of the photographer.
  • Copyright remains with the photographer.
  • Photographs copyrighted to the photographer, or where it is held jointly, may be submitted to a photo library.
  • All sundry expenses incurred eg. travel, any hire charges, talent fees etc. will be recharged at cost plus 15%.
  • On large jobs, where expenses, are likely to exceed $1,000, an upfront deposit will be required.
  • Cancellation fees may apply to confirmed jobs cancelled at short notice. Weather days may apply.
  • The photographer reserves the right to have editorial control over any digital manipulation.
  • Raw digital files will only be stored by the photographer for 3 months after the completion of the job, unless a digital storage agreement is in place.
  • Estimates are given on the condition that any change to the brief will need to be re-quoted.
  • Payment of the invoice constitutes full acceptance of the terms and conditions listed above.

E. Storage of digital files.

The raw digital files from any project will be store on our computer for 6 months from completion of the project unless a digtal management agreement is in place. Visit southlight.com.au for an example of our digital asset management system. Southlight Pty Ltd is not responsible for any digital files after 6 months, unless a digital management agreement is in place.