A year in the life of Grange wins ‘Best Winebook Photography’

A year in the life of Grange has won the award for ‘Best Winebook Photography‘ at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2013.


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A year in the life of Grange featured in the Financial Review


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Gourmand Wine Books Awards 2013

A year in the life of Grange has won a category in the International Gourmand Wine Books 2013 Awards.

Award letter

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A good vintage – the pick of the crop for books on wine and more

THE digital revolution has changed the nature of wine communication. As more practical, everyday wine info goes online – which bottles to buy, where to buy them – old-fashioned, hard-copy wine books are reinventing themselves to attract buyers.

Some have headed down the specialist path, exploring geeky, niche subjects for small audiences. Some have decided to dress themselves up as lavish, desirable, collectible objects. Some are geeky and lavish.

The result is one of the best crops of new wine – and drinks – books I have seen.

Collector’s item


Milton Wordley and Philip White

THIS is the biggie: one for the obsessed wine collector who already has a cellar full of great bottles. Yes, it is a lot of cash to spend on a book, but this exceptionally well-told tale of Australia’s most famous wine is also an incredibly limited, absolutely gorgeous work of art, beautiful to hold, to read, to pore over.

The sumptuous photographs are by veteran snapper Milton Wordley; the evocative, richly layered text is by Philip White, maverick wine writer and old friend of Grange creator Max Schubert; everything including the generously large-format design, printing and binding is proudly South Australian.

The price quoted is for a limited edition of 1000 copies; $1000 will get you one of 250 copies that also come with a signed archival print; $4000 will nab you one of only 100 leather and kangaroo-bound copies that also include seven signed prints in a presentation box.

Max Allen

This article is an excerpt from the Australian, the original article can be viewed here: http://www.theaustralian.com.au/executive-living/food-drink/a-good-vintage-the-pick-of-the-crop-for-books-on-wine-and-more/story-e6frg8jo-1226757609814

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Hooked on Wine – Huon Hooke

Veteran Adelaide photographer Milton Wordley, who has a long association with wine and vineyards, has published an extraordinary book, “A Year In The Life Of Grange”.

The book measures 38 by 31 cm and weighs 2.6 kg, putting it firmly in the coffee-table, if not the board-room table, class. With concise and elegantly chosen words by Philip White, the book charts a year in Grange’s life from vineyard and grapegrower to winery and winemaker, and ultimately to the collectors who buy it and bring their bottles to recorking workshops and the critics who assess its virtues.

There are some wonderful pictures, many of which take up double-page spreads. The history of Grange and its creators Max Schubert and Ray Beckwith is covered in detail. Produced without the involvement of Penfolds, but with its approval, it’s aimed fair and square at collectors.

It is hand-made and beautifully designed and produced in every way. There are three editions. The Limited Edition has a canvas cover, dust jacket andslip-case, runs to 1,000 numbered copies and is priced at $785.

The Winemaker’s Edition is Gaia fabric-covered with a kangaroo-hide spine, slip-case and comes with an archival paper print of the four winemakers; it runs to 250 numbered copies and is priced at $1,000.

And the Collector’s Edition is leather-bound with a kangaroo-hide spine, comes with a folio of seven original museum-grade photos in a leather case, and the whole thing is packed in an American oak-sided box; 100 numbered copies; cost $4,000.

All editions include a DVD with interviews of key wine identities including Schubert and Beckwith.

Huon Hooke

This article is from Huon Hooke’s ‘Hooked on Wine’ website, the original article can be viewed here: http://huonhooke.tumblr.com/tagged/A-Year-In-The-Life-Of-Grange

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James Halliday – Australian Wine Companion

A Year in the Life of grange

This the title of one of the most amazing books to ever appear on the Australian vinous landscape. It is the work of Milton Wordley, a professional photographer for more than 40 years, and a master photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers. No less importantly, winemakers, vineyards and wines have been one of Wordley’s abiding interests.

The words have been contributed by Philip White, who has for long been at the absolute forefront of creative wine prose; to call him a wine writer is to damn him by faint praise. He has been around for far longer than Campbell Mattinson, but the two leave the rest of us in their wake when it comes to setting the scene. The third contributor to the book is John Nowland, with more than 35 years’ experience in the design industry, winning awards both in Australia and around the world.

So I can hear you say OK, it’s a book about Grange, and three highly talented people came together to create the book. Well, it comes in three forms, all measuring the 38 x 31cm; I’ve got well over a thousand wine books in my library, and only one comes close – which is just as well, because it doesn’t fit in any bookshelf. But it is at this point that the story becomes interesting. Three editions are available, and at least two are intended for pride of place on a coffee table or in a wealthy collector’s wine cellar.

The Collector’s Edition is of 100 copies numbered 1 – 100, leather bound with a kangaroo hide spine, and includes a folio of seven original museum grade giclee photographs from the book printed on archival paper, window-matted and presented in a leather portfolio and black buckram archive box featuring American Oak sides. (Believe it or not I’ve slightly shortened that description.) The price is $4000, which strongly suggests that 99 of the copies will be winging their way to Hong Kong and China the moment they are released.
The Winemaker’s Edition is of 250 copies numbered 101 – 350, with an imitation leather cover (I will keep my tongue to myself) with a kangaroo spine, presented in a slipcase, and including an exclusive print of the four winemakers (Max Schubert, Don Ditter, John Duval and Peter Gago) once again printed on archival paper, signed by the artist, mounted and ready to frame. The price is $1000 per copy.

Finally there are 1000 copies of the Limited Edition numbered 351 – 1350. This has a traditional canvas cover, with a full colour dust jacket and presented in a rigid slipcase, the price $785.

Included with all three editions is a DVD of a series of interviews recorded along the way with well-known wine identities.

Due to anticipated demand and obviously limited availability, the publishers encourage those interested to register on the official website (to secure your copy of the book, register your interest, or find out more) by going to the website.

This article is from the Australian Wine Companion, the original article can be viewed here: http://australianwinecompanion.blogspot.com.au/2013/10/a-year-in-life-of-grange.html

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WBM Online – The Week That Was

Friday October 18th

It’s a beautiful spring day in Adelaide today and being at Magill Estate this morning for the launch of Milton Wordley’s new book, A Year in the Life of Grange, felt good. Oyster pasties and plentiful 2004 Grange for morning tea. Perfect. This was such a warm, happy gathering. Real people. It was TWTW heaven. So much good material. Sadly, I’ve been too distracted with other things to do this beautiful event justice. Buy this soulful work of art. The words are by Philip White, the greatest wine writer in the Australian wine industry by a considerable margin. The Limited Edition copy is $785 – the price of Grange. The Winemaker’s Edition is $1,000 and the Collector’s Edition is $4,000.

Anthony Madigan – Editor
WBM Australia’s Wine Business Magazine
The Week That Was

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An email from Christopher Shanahan

Extraordinary Milton, paints emotion into the Grange story. I could drink this, so much love and life.

Cheers to you, Philip and John.

I can’t miss the launch, I’m coming over for it.


Freelance writer
Wine and Beer Columnist for The Canberra Times and goodfood.com.au
twitter: @ChateauShanahan

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