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Friday October 18th

It’s a beautiful spring day in Adelaide today and being at Magill Estate this morning for the launch of Milton Wordley’s new book, A Year in the Life of Grange, felt good. Oyster pasties and plentiful 2004 Grange for morning tea. Perfect. This was such a warm, happy gathering. Real people. It was TWTW heaven. So much good material. Sadly, I’ve been too distracted with other things to do this beautiful event justice. Buy this soulful work of art. The words are by Philip White, the greatest wine writer in the Australian wine industry by a considerable margin. The Limited Edition copy is $785 – the price of Grange. The Winemaker’s Edition is $1,000 and the Collector’s Edition is $4,000.

Anthony Madigan – Editor
WBM Australia’s Wine Business Magazine
The Week That Was

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