The Centre for Creative Photography (CCP) is the leading photographic education provider in South Australia. This small, specialised institute offers flexible study in professional facilities. They strive to support photographers at all stages of their art practice and careers.

When I closed down Southlight in 2005, I went looking for a studio to rent. Came across the CCP and have been involved ever since.

I take two classes.

‘Beyond Breaking Even’ : We explore the reality of earning a living either part-time or full-time as a professional photographer. These seminars, designed to focus on your realistic career goals, address the main differences between the Commercial and Domestic photographic marketplace.

‘Light’ : A Master Class about understanding light in all it’s forms. Working with mixed light sources, such as flash, tungsten and LEDs is becoming increasingly popular in both the studio and on location. However to work this way requires a good understanding of light. And once light and the way it works is understood and mastered, it can help in creating natural and often very arresting images.