The Nurlungga exhibtion was born during ‘Youth Week’ early 2020. The original grant proposal to the Onkaparinga Council stated

“Photography is practiced and enjoyed by more people now than ever : it’s an important part of communication, especially for young people. Our idea is to get a group of young people with an interest in Photography together to work on a project in the Onkaparinga area during Youth Week.”

The Council approved the grant, but unfortunately COVID put a stop to it in March last year. With the help of Jaynie Langford we then became ‘Shoot the South’ *through a lens, as part of last years SHIMMER Festival of Photography.

Part of the Shimmer program was a series of Master Classes.

We’d like to sincerely thank local and International Photographers, Michael Amendolia, Ben Baker, Kelly Champion, Che Chorley, Dr Michael Coyne, Tony Kearney, Robert McFarlane and Karen Waller for their help with these Master Classes.

A special thank you to our very generous sponsors Paul and Kate Atkins at Atkins Lab, Australia’s oldest Photographic Lab, Gavin & Aaron Blake, Gee Greenslade and Thomas Gloyn at the Centre for Creative Photography. We could not have done it without their immense help and support and the original grant from the Onkaparinga Council, especially Tim Rollason at the Arts centre and Jaynie Langford.

And finally the nine photographers who stuck with the project to produce this great series of images of the local area. Sara Cavaiuolo, Poppy Fitzpatrick, Isaac Freeman, Vincent Fuks, Morgan Giles, Ruth Heywood, Keenan McKenzie, Isobel Reid and Olivia Rooney.