Working in Adelaide as a professional photographer, you have to try really hard not to work in the wine trade.

Especially if, like me, you enjoy a good glass of wine.

In an earlier interview with the late Kim West, wine enthusiast, ex copper and host of the ‘Wine Program’ on Melbourne Radio 3AW, when asked why he did what he did replied, “Simple, I love it, especially the people. Just about everyone I meet in the wine business are genuinely good people”. I feel the same way.

Working on Australia’s national daily The Australian in the early 1970s, one of the things I really enjoyed was what we called ‘page three interviews.’ A senior journalist interviewed (mainly) interesting people, often leaders in their field. I took a few snaps, pictures got used well, story was interesting. Great gig ! I learnt a lot, just by being there and listening.

Now that I’m doing it all myself, I have a new found respect for the journalists, they did a great job often with tight deadlines.

Back in 2015 and after 45 years working as a professional photographer, I thought I’d have some more fun with my job and improve my own wine knowledge by interviewing interesting wine people. The blog is based on those I have met along the way while working in the wine industry over the years and on the Grange book.

‘People of Wine’ is a simple Q&A and the A’s are great.

There are hundreds of wine web sites and blogs devoted to endless reviews of wine and opinions of just about everything to do with the wine industry. I enjoy many and subscribe to plenty. But there are very few on the people who grow, make and drink the stuff. ‘People of Wine ’ is about their stories, their views and their opinions.

When COVID struck in early 2020, no one wanted to see anyone during vintage. I had been doing the blog for five years and decided to take a break, I’ll get back in the saddle one day soon.